Guiding Principles


Students who come in for therapy may be experiencing stress, confusion, and/or emotional pain. We aim to provide a caring and comfortable atmosphere in which students will feel heard and validated.


We seek to provide a safe and nonjudgmental environment where students can share their concerns openly. We see students for a wide range of issues and we respect the fact that we all hold different beliefs, values, and viewpoints.

Sensitivity to Difference

The Counseling Service values the diversity of the MHC community. We welcome students of all ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, gender identities, ages, body sizes, political beliefs, nationalities, abilities, and socioeconomic classes.


Successful therapy requires teamwork between student and clinician. It takes a great deal of strength to seek help, and we want to work with you to meet your therapy goals and increase your sense of satisfaction, both academically and personally. We can work together to help you regain your health and optimal functioning.


Our clinicians respect your privacy and take confidentiality very seriously. We believe that therapy works best when students feel that they can be open and honest about their thoughts and feelings. We do not share any information about clients outside of the Counseling Service without permission to release it. Roommates, parents, friends, faculty, and deans will not know that you are being seen here without your permission to tell them. Exceptions to confidentiality occur only under certain, very specific conditions, including:

  • situations which involve serious, immediate threat to the client's life or welfare, or the life or welfare of another person
  • situations involving current neglect or abuse of a child, elderly person, or person with a disability
  • treatment involving minors (students below the age of 18)
  • situations involving court orders.

The confidentiality policy will be reviewed with you during your first appointment at the Counseling Service. If you have any questions, please ask your counselor or call us for more information.