Apps and Web-Based Resources

Mobile apps can be useful tools on their own or as an adjunct to therapy. Please note that while some of these apps are free, there is a cost associated with others. Be sure to read the full descriptions on the app sites before downloading to determine whether they are right for you. The following links to apps are intended for the convenience of users and are not managed by Mount Holyoke College. The College does not review, control, or take responsibility for the content of those applications.

Anxiety and Mood Tracking

Deep Breathing/Progressive Muscle Relaxation

  • Belly Bio for iPhone
    • Put the iPhone on your stomach. Breathe deeply. Enjoy... For more advanced deep breathers.
    • Based on progressive muscle relaxation, this app is designed to help you energize and unwind.
    • Set up the count for breathing in and breathing out, the tempo of the count, and how long you want the program to run.
  • Breathe 2 Relax: iOS Android
  • iBreathe: iOS
  • My Life for iOS and Android (previously Stop, Think and Breathe)

Mindfulness Meditation


  • CBTi Coach for iOS devices (Note that you will receive a message about the creator of the app when it is first downloaded)
  • Sleep Soundly Hypnosis: iOS | Android
    • This session combines guided imagery with deep relaxation techniques.
  • Sleep Deeply:  iOS | Android
    • This application combines hypnotic guided imagery with sounds designed to gently guide the mind to sleep. It also includes a hypnosis session to help you rid your mind of negative thought patterns and video interviews about hypnosis to help you feel really comfortable with the process.
  • Tide for iOS and Android