Scheduling An Appointment

Students can schedule an appointment using our online scheduling tool at their convenience, or by phone Monday - Friday by calling the Counseling Service at 413-538-2037 between 8:30 am-4:30 pm. Please read below to learn more about how Counseling will be operating this semester, the different types of appointments, and scheduling online.

What You Should Know About Counseling in Fall 2021

Virtual Appointments

Clinical services are currently being provided virtually due to MHC's indoor mask mandate and the MA governor's mask mandate for health care settings. We believe that being able to see facial expressions is critical to the clinical encounter and will meet with students via Zoom for Healthcare until further notice.

Private Space

Counseling sessions are private and confidential. Students must be in a private space where they will not be overheard and their screen will not be visible during appointments. While we encourage students to make arrangements for privacy on their own (for example, letting roommate(s) know that they need to use the room for a private virtual meeting at a particular time), we understand that this may not always be possible. The Counseling Service has a limited number of offices available for student use. YOU MUST CONTACT US AT LEAST 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE TO ARRANGE PRIVATE SPACE FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT by calling 413-538-2037 or emailing

Cleaning Procedure Required

Students using Counseling Service offices for their virtual appointments must follow all masking, sanitizing, and cleaning protocols, including checking in and out at the Counseling Service waiting room window. Detailed procedures for use and cleaning of the space can be found in the offices.

Personal Devices and Power Cords

Although power strips with USB ports will be available in the Counseling Service spaces, students must use their own device (laptop, tablet, phone) for their virtual appointments.

Required Paperwork (Be Prepared to Complete Forms the Day of Your First Visit!)

For First Visits of the academic year: An appointment reminder will be sent via text and/or email before the scheduled meeting time. The message contains a link to forms that take 10-15 min to complete and must be submitted on the day of the appointment between 8:30am-4pm. While the forms can be filled out on a phone, they are easier to navigate on tablet or computer. Please plan time accordingly. The appointment will not start until the forms have been received.

Online Appointment Scheduling

Schedule an appointment and complete forms online! Log in to my.mtholyoke and find the Counseling Service link under MHC Tools. From there you can complete forms and schedule your first visit of 2021-2022, a same day appointment, or a counseling appointment. All three appointment types can be scheduled with your preferred clinician based on availability - if you are not familiar with our staff, you can read about us here.

First Visit of 2021-2022

The First Visit of each academic year is typically a 20-25 minute meeting with a clinician focused on addressing immediate needs through problem-solving, strengthening coping strategies, education, and accessing inner resources. Students who would benefit from support and strategies beyond what is offered in this visit will work with the clinician to identify goals and be referred to a variety of additional resources depending on their particular needs and location.

All students, whether returning clients or first-time users of the Counseling Service, must complete a “First Visit” each academic year. For the first few weeks of the semester, most First Visits can be scheduled with your preferred clinician within 24-48 hours, or even the same day! You will receive an appointment reminder prior to your First Visit with a link to complete some initial paperwork; you will be able to access these   beginning at 8:30 am the morning of your first appointment. Please be sure to leave yourself enough time for this part of the process as you will not be able to save your progress, and your clinician will wait to review the completed forms before starting your appointment.

Counseling Appointments

Students who have completed a first visit of 2021-2022 and who have an established connection with a Counseling Service clinician may schedule regular counseling appointments at their convenience.

If you are in need of urgent support, please call our office by phone to be scheduled with an available clinician.