Philosophy of Art and Emotions: Class Debates


Guidelines for Debates:

Each student will participate in a debate on the topics listed below. You will meet with the other members of your debate group, and also with Alana Yu, the student mentor for the course, to plan the debate.

A good debate will:

1. Help to clarify the readings.

2. Bring out the different sides of the debate topic, as they are presented in the readings.

3. Set up a dialogue between the different views, so that it is clear how each side in the debate would respond to the answers given by the other theorists in the debate.

4. Make sure that everyone in the debate group speaks equally.

5. Plan an effective debate format (e.g. classic "two sides" debate format, talk show format, role play of different theorists from the readings).

6. Assign each participant in the debate a clear role to play.

Debate #1: February 22 Does Art Express or Arouse Emotion?

Debate #2: March 15:: Aristotle versus Brecht on the value of
empathy and identification

Debate #3:: April 19: What value is there in the experience of horror films?

Debate #4:: May 3: Are the emotions kitsch arouses of low merits?

For other suggestions on effective speaking, visit the Speaking Center web site of the Mount Holyoke College.

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