Math 202, Section 1: Calculus II

Fall 1998

Daily schedule of readings, homework assignments and so forth

Instructor: Alan Durfee

Lectures: Tuesday, Thursday 8:00-9:15 in Clapp 401.

Fourth Hour: Friday 1:00-1:50 in Clapp 401. The fourth hour will be used for discussing homework problems, etc. It is not required.

Text: "Calculus", vol. 2 by Ostebee and Zorn, together with the "Student Answer Booklet". (The book we are using is the 1997 edition with the blue-brown cover, not the preliminary edition.) The core of the course is Chapters 7 through 11. Chapters 5 and 6 are more or less review and will be covered rapidly. Chapters 12 and 13 will be covered as time permits.

Homework: Homework can be handed in during class or put in the envelope outside my office door. Graded homework can be picked up any time from the other envelope there. Homework can be redone and handed in again, if done promptly (ie, within a few days). The graders reserve the right not to accept redone homework that is too late. All homework is due at 5 PM on the date given, unless stated otherwise.

Labs: There will be a few math "labs" which will be done in groups of two or three. These will involve exploring a topic in depth, usually with the assistance of a computer program. They are intended to be an introduction to mathematics as an intellectual discipline which has fascinated many of the world's greatest thinkers for over two thousand years, and also an introduction to a subject with applications to many other areas such as economics, finance, biology, physics and so forth.


Evening help sessions: Sunday through Thursday 7-10 PM (in Clapp 401 or 402).

Calculators/Computers: We will make use of the computer programs available on the classroom computers. No prior knowledge of these programs is assumed. If you have a graphing calculator, you can use it too if you wish.

Quizzes, Tests: There will be two tests, a self-scheduled final examination and a number of quizzes. If you are unable to take a quiz or test for any reason, you should call me right away, preferably before the event. (You can call my answering machine at x2299 at any time, day or night.)

Grading: The lowest quiz score will be dropped. Each quiz is 30 points, each test is 100 points, each lab is 50 points, the final examination is 150 points, and the homework is 100 points.