Deutsch 104 - Herbst 2007
Accelerated Elementary German


Required texts (available at Odyssey Bookstore):

Optional Text: Zorach and Melin. English Grammar for Students of German (Olivia and Hill)

1. Class meetings and Live Lab:

In addition to the class meetings, students are required to attend a weekly conversation lab (live lab) led by our language assistant from Germany. Once students have signed up for lab times, locations and times will be posted on the bulletin board next to the German Studies Department (Ciruti 103). Check there to see where lab sections are meeting. Labs will begin the week of September 18th!

2. Quizzes and tests:

Approximately every two weeks there will be a quiz on two chapters of the textbook (based on the material covered in class, on homework, and later on readings). There will also be a midterm and a final exam. The lowest quiz grade will be dropped!

3. Homework:

You will be assigned daily homework from the workbook as well as online exercises and activities. Schedules for assignments will be handed out approximately every two weeks and will also be available online. Although I will collect and grade workbooks at the time of each quiz, you are strongly encouraged to keep up with the daily assignments. You should correct your own workbook with a pen (answer key found in the back) before turning it in to me! Points will not be deducted for mistakes; the purpose of self-correction is to learn from your own mistakes!

4. Listening activities:

The audio program to accompany Neue Horizonte is designed to help you improve your pronunciation and listening skills. You will have regular homework in the workbook that requires the audio program, which is available online:

5. Discussion Questions:

Discussion questions will be assigned for Emil und die Detektive, with the answers to be written in complete sentences in German.

6. Final Project:

Students will work in groups to write and perform a short skit in German based on Emil und die Detektive.

7. Attendance and participation:

Regular class attendance is required! Students are expected to participate regularly in class and Live Lab and to hand in assignments on time. If you cannot attend, inform me before class. Unexcused absences will result in the lowering of your grade.


25% Quizzes

25% Midterm and Final

20% Homework (workbook and online) and class participation

20% Emil discussion questions and final group project

10% Participation in Live Lab

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