Deutsch 204 - Frühjahr 2007
Advanced Elementary/Intermediate German

Kursbeschreibung und Anforderungen

Course Description
German 204 is a continuation of German 104 (Accelerated Elementary German). At the end of the semester students will have completed material equivalent to the first three semesters of German (101, 102, and 201) at Mount Holyoke College and will be able to continue into higher courses at the 200-level. In addition to completing the grammar and vocabulary in Neue Horizonte: A Brief Course (Chapters 10-14), students will also review and intensify their knowledge of important structures of the German language. This course uses a content-based approach to language-learning: grammar and vocabulary will be learned via reading and discussion of a number of texts and the viewing of films.

Required texts for purchase
Neue Horizonte: A Brief Course. Dollenmayer/Hansen (available at the Odyssey bookstore)
Im Land der Schokolade und Bananen. Karin Gündisch (available at the Odyssey bookstore)
Der Besuch der alten Dame. Friedrich Dürrenmatt (available at the Odyssey bookstore)
German 204 Grammar Reader (available in department office, Ciruti 103)
Additional readings will be provided by the instructor.

Course requirements and Grading
- grammar/vocabulary quizzes – 20%
- oral interview and final project – 20%
- homework and class attendance/participation – 20%
- three essays (two drafts each) – 30%
- attendance/participation in weekly "live labs" with Tilly Schmauss – 10%

Explanation of assignments

Grammar/Vocabulary Quizzes
Vocabulary to be tested includes all assigned word lists from Neue Horizonte, as well as word lists provided by the instructor related to the course readings. Students will be required to use vocabulary in context on the quizzes rather than to translate or define words. Grammar to be tested includes all explanations found in Neue Horizonte and the Grammar Reader. Like vocabulary, grammar will also be tested for use in context.

Oral interview

This interview will be conducted in pairs or small groups and will involve a role-play situation related to the texts and films that we are discussing.

Written homework assignments will be handed out in class and are due at the beginning of the following class period. If you miss class (which you are highly discouraged from doing), it is your responsibility to obtain a copy of the homework assignment from the instructor, or from a classmate.

These will also be related to the readings and films. Students will complete a first draft and then be given an opportunity for revision and correction in a second draft. The final grade, which is based on both grammar and content, will be an average of the first and second draft. If you cannot finish an essay by the deadline, please notify me ahead of time.

Class attendance and participation
Language-learning requires active class participation at all times! More than two unexcused absences will result in a lowering of your semester grade. Please notify me ahead of time if you know that you have to miss class. More than one unexcused absence at the live lab will result in lowering of your grade. In case of an absence, make sure to notify Tilly Schmauss in advance.


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