Art History 242
MW 8:35-9:50
Gamble Auditorium
Spring 2003

Anthony W. Lee
Office: Art 209
Office hours: M 12:15- 1:15 and by appt.
x2243, awlee


This survey course traces the rise and development of photography in the United States and, to a lesser extent, Mexico and Europe, starting at photography’s very beginnings in 1839 and ending with today’s practices. We will chart the wide range of work with the camera, including commercial, vernacular, and fine art projects. In addition, we will pause regularly throughout the semester to undertake several case studies of photographers and their pictures. Our general goal is to understand the relationship between photography and its social, cultural, and political contexts.


Mary Warner Marien, Photography: A Cultural History (Prentice Hall and Abrams, 2002), available at Odyssey Bookstore.


Regular class participation, midterm, paper, final examination. All four of these requirements are valued equally in the tally of the final grade. Please note that, unlike other classes at the College, the final examination for this course is prescheduled. We will be apprised of the exact date and time by the Registrar.

Week 1 (Jan 29)



Week 2 (Feb 3/5)

The Invention of Photography
Case Study: First and Second Inventions
Read: Introduction, xiii-xv; The Origins of Photography, 1-23; The Second Invention of Photography, 25-79.


Week 3 (Feb 10/12)

Early Portraiture as Art and Industry
Case Study: Hurd, Ward, and Cameron, Civil War
Read: The Expanding Domain, 81-165.


Week 4 (Feb 17/19)

A Kodak World
Case Study: Genthe
Read: Photography in the Modern Age, 167-172.
No Class on Wed, Feb 19


Week 5 (Feb 24/26)

Nation and Narration
Case Study: Johnston and Western Photographers


Week 6 (Mar 3/5)

Social Work and Camera Work
Case Study: Stieglitz
Read: Photography in the Modern Age, 172-237.


Week 7 (Mar 10/12)

Midterm Review on Mon, Exam on Wed


Week 8 (Mar 17/19)

No Class, Spring Break


Week 9 (Mar 24/26)

Photographic Modernism
Case Study: Stieglitz 2, Weston and Modotti, Revolutionary Modernism
Read: A New Vision, 239-280.


Week 10 (Mar 31/Apr 2)

Photojournalism, Photodocumentary
Case Study: Evans and Sander
Read: A New Vision, 280-309.
Paper Assignment Distributed


Week 11 (Apr 7/9)

Family of Man and the New Documentarians
Case Study: Arbus
Read: Through the Lens of Culture, 311-358.


Week 12 (Apr 14/16)

Pop Art and Photography
Case Study: Warhol
Read: Through the Lens of Culture, 358-391.


Week 13 (Apr 21/23)

The Postmodern Shutter
Case Study: Feminist Photographers, Boltanski and Kiefer
Read: Convergences, 393-473.


Week 14 (Apr 28/30)

Identity Politics and the Camera
Case Study: Mapplethorpe and Morimura
Read: On Beauty, Science, and Nature, 475-496.


Week 15 (May 5)

Conclusion and Review
Paper Due


Image Sets
First and Second Inventions
Diane Arbus
Hurd and Ward
Western Photographers
Stieglitz 2
Weston and Modotti
Walker Evans
Diane Arbus