Case Materials

Case 1: Are U.S. schools in crisis?

TIMSS site

TIMSS 1999 (learn about how they sampled, etc.)

Reports from TIMSS 1999

NCES fast facts

A reply to Bracey: Stevenson makes a point!

Press Brief

Bushweller piece: How do U.S. schools stack up?

Manufactured Crisis? (Berliner)

More from Berliner

Tinkering with TIMSS (Learn more about Bracey)

Case 2: Are boys the ones in need?

Science, Math and Girls: Campbell & Clewell

The Myth that Schools Shortchange Girls

AAUW study finds Girls Making Some Progress, but Gaps Remain

Are Girls Being Shortchanged (in math and science)?

Case 3: Can we justify Single Sex Schools?

Legal Professionals affirmed the distinctive benefits of single-sex colleges

Why choose a women's college-provides a compelling narrative, bulleted argument.


Who attends women's colleges?

More data

Going coed research projects

California's pilot program


The Trouble With Single-Sex Schools

Doubt about the Value of Single-Sex Schools

Two views on the debate: Are single gender classes better?

More on the topic: discussion about whether single sex classes are justified

Same-sex schooling: Sexual exploitation? No support for them!

Single sex schools do NOT raise test scores!

Separation of boys and girls is NOT a solution


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Case Materials