Welcome to Blackstick Review 2009

We're happy to have you here. The eight of us in English 303 at Mount Holyoke College have explored new avenues in the short story. We have found inspiration in a number of places, namely dreams, the newspaper, and objects. We've experimented with the form of the traditional short story, which has expanded our boundaries. The Blackstick Review is a compilation of our best work this semester.

We hope to see each other in print again one day, for this is only the beginning of our journey as writers. We hope that you enjoy this reading experience.

Story Index

Cerulean Blues, by Ari Baum-Hommes

Someone to Live With, by Amy Huang

Amphibrach, by Laura Nasr

Keeping House, by Alex Sladky

High School, by Sarah Brady Stack

Recipes for Dysfunctional Families, by Charis Tarbett

XV, by Martha Whatley

Road Trip, by Zoe Yang


We would like to thank Professor Corinne Demas for her wonderful insights into and knowledge about short stories. We would also like to thank Mary Stettner and Maryanne Alos for their time and dedication. Artwork is attributed to Alex Sladky.

This website is maintained by the students of English 303. All stories and images are subject to copyright.