You’ve stumbled upon the Blackstick Review!

Sit down. Strap in. We’ve worked hard this semester to hone our skills as storytellers and are excited to share the fruits of our labor. Amidst these links, you will be jettisoned to Karachi’s humid summers, journey from the gutters of West Africa to the mountaintops of Nepal, get a taste of radiation, and even meet a few Scots.

The Blackstick Review is a demonstration of our growth as writers and a reflection of the hard work and consistent patience of our benevolent* professor, Karen Osborn.


Special thanks to our professor, Karen Osborn, for unraveling the complexities of storytelling. We would also like to thank the Mount Holyoke College English Department, Cynthia Meehan, English 303, and, of course, Mary Stettner, without whom this website would not look half as good.

*Thank you for the workshop fuel i.e. baked goods!