This publication is named after a literary magazine that was in existence at Mount Holyoke College circa 1909-1961. The name is derived from the good fairy in Thackeray's, "The Rose and The Ring." The Blackstick's constitutional mission was that "the aims of Blackstick shall be to encourage interests in things literary, attempts of members to write, and intelligent and impartial criticisms of these attempts." Membership for this organization was by invitation only and their standards were high.

The 2004 English 303 class chose to revive the "Blackstick" title for their publication after it was discovered in the archives by 303 member Allison Trzop.

Some interesing facts about the old organization:

  • The newly initiated had to wear a sandwich sign and black strip down their face.

  • T.S. Eliot chatted with the organization in North Mandelle in 1933.

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