Images and Data


Background/Images/Data for Exercises Simulations and Facts
  Eyes on the Solar System (3D simulator)
Exercise 10: Io data! Planetary Fact Sheets (NSSDC)
  Derivation of the Hill Radius(/L1 Lagrange point distance):
Exercise 1:IAU resolution B5
Exercise 3: Digital data for part 1 is here. Pictures of the Day/Month/Year
Exercise 4: Planetary Geomorphology Images of the Month
   VIS/NIR data used for the exercise is here. Lunar Picture of the Day
   The DIVINER data used for the exercise is here. Astronomy Picture of the Day
Exercise 5: News
   The crater data is here. In addition, these links will give Planetary Science Research Discoveries
   you the two images used for Apollo 15 and Luna 24. Planetary Society Blog
   Each image is 100 meters per pixel scale. (So a crater NASA Science, Latest News
   10 pixels across is exactly one km in diameter). General Resources
Exercise 8: The Google Earth KMZ file for the landing sites Solar System Exploration Missions
   You may need to right-click (or option-click), save-as this file Map-a-Planet
   to get it to download. Earth From Space
   If you don't have Google Earth on your computer, get it here. Apollo Lunar Surface Journal
  NSSDC/Lunar and Planetary Science
  NASA Planetary Photojournal
  Women in Planetary Science
  MESSENGER Mercury Quickmap