AST 223 Schedule for Spring 2013 (subject to revision & addition)

Week/Homework Ex.
(Due at that class!)

Date Content (ppts linked after class) Reading
(To do before that week's class):
None 1. January 22

Introduction to the course


Ex. 1. What is a planet? 2. January 29

Planet Formation, Orbits, Gravity, Planetary Materials, Density

What is a planet? See also: IAU resolution B5

Kepler's Laws (Brief Excerpt from Chaison & McMillan)

Ex. 2. Orbits and Moons


3. February 5

Planetary Energy Budgets, Heat Transfer, Planetary Interiors

Heat Transfer (Brief Excerpt from Cosmic Perspective)

Earth (Faure and Mensing)

Ex. 3. How old are the planets?

4. February 12

Remote Sensing

First Paper Assignment Discussed.

Remote Sensing Fundamentals

excerpted from here.

Ex. 4. Remote Sensing

(Data for exercise).

5. February 19 The Moon, Stratigraphy, Impact Cratering. The Lunar Cataclysm (Norman)

Ex. 5. Crater Counting

(Data for exercise. See also data page for more information/links/images).

6. February 26 Mercury.  Volcanism and Tectonics.

Mercury (Solomon)

No homework due this week.

7. March 5

Venus.  Planetary Atmospheres. 

Ex. 6. (will be done in-class): Planetary Atmospheres

Venus (Feure and Mensing)

Ex. 7. First Paper Due!

8. March 12 Introduction to Mars Geology of Mars ... (Rossi and van Gasselt)
N/A March 19

Spring Break

The 44th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference


Ex. 8. Mars Landing Site Assessment

9. March 26

Mars II.  Landing Site Discussion. 

Final Paper Assignment Discussed.

Beyond Water on Mars (Grotzinger)
Ex. 9. Densities and Compositions

10. April 2

Asteroids, Comets and Meteorites

Two short papers from Elements

Ex. 10. Io


11. April 9

Jupiter, Jupiter Satellites. 

Jupiter (Feure and Mensing)


April 16

No class this week; work on your final paper...

Final Paper Due!


12. April 23 Saturn, Titan, Extra-solar planets N/A