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Math 100A: Enriched Calculus IA

Fall 2005

Course Description

The content of Math 100A-100B is Calculus I plus topics from pre-calculus (mainly functions of various kinds). But the two parts are interwoven, so 100A covers the differential calculus for “algebraic” and “exponential” functions, and 100B covers the differential calculus for logarithmic and trigonometric functions, plus an introduction to the definite integral and the fundamental theorem for all these functions. (The course presumes basic algebra skills, but there is review material in Appendix A in the text.) The goals of the course are to help you master the ideas and the related techniques of the calculus.
In addition to these content goals, the course has several process goals:

A subsidiary process goal is to strengthen the ability to use technology confidently and appropriately, and also to know its limitations.
This course may be somewhat different from other mathematics courses you have taken. You will be asked to work in some new ways, do more reading of text (i.e., words), and do more writing. While technical skills remain important, there is more emphasis on interpretation and understanding. Homework problems are less likely to closely resemble problems worked out in the text or in class, and the questions being asked may require interpreting and refining.



Course Information (instructors, office hours, texts, course description, etc.)

Course Outline

Homework Assignments

Grading Structure

Point Totals Needed for A-, B-, C-

Directions and Link to Map to Instructors' Office

Algebra Practice Set I (Common Denominators, Cancellation, Parentheses, Other Important Things)

Algebra Practice Set II (Exponents)

Solutions to Algebra Practice Set I

Derivatives Practice (Class 10.19.05)

Differentiation Practice (#1, 4 due for Homework #8)

Observations of Exponential Growth (In Class Exercise)

Interpreting Exponential Growth



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