History Department                                                                              Prof. Straw

History 253: The Medieval Church                                                      Spring 2003                            



Name and Year:






College dorm address, post office box and phone number:






Academic Advisor:




1.  What other courses have you taken in the History Department?









2.  What other courses have you taken, or work have you done that might relate to the class topic?





3.  What, in general, are your academic or scholarly interests?










4.  What led you to sign up for the course?  That is, what about the medieval church, or medieval society in general, intrigues you?











5.  Is there topic you would really like to discuss which is not on the syllabus?









6.  What languages do you read?  Speak? 





7.  Do you feel comfortable talking in class?  What can you identify that makes it easy or difficult?  





8. Tell me something about yourself-- anything!