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bullet Jojo sucht das Glück 2:

Jojo sucht das Glück 2:

bullet Jojo sucht das Glück 1:
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Jojo sucht das Glueck 2 Herbst 2013
GERMAN 215 offers intensive practice in reading, writing, and speaking German by working with a video series called Jojo sucht das Glück 2. Focus on writing and on improving students' ability to converse colloquially, idiomatically, and formally in German. Readings on popular culture, music, as well as current political, social, cultural, historical, and economic issues related to Germany and mentioned in the video series. Oral report topics chosen according to student interest and academic focus. Participation in a variety of speaking activities such as presentations, role-playing and simulations, pair work, and group discussions.
Donna Van Handle
Office: Dwight 108B
Phone: (413) 538-2072
Sprechstunden (office hours):
MWF 10-11 am (103 Ciruti) and by appointment


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