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My appointment was very helpful because I needed some assistance with the structure of my paper and the assistant helped me strengthen my arguments and reorganize them in a better way. She readily responded to all the questions I had about specific expressions in German which I used throughout the paper and gave me good ideas about how to use the text (quotations) more efficiently in order to support my thesis statement.
The meeting with the writing assistant was extremely helpful. I came in with specific questions, which helped me formulate better arguments in my paper.
It was very helpful going over my paper step by step with the assistant. I was able to learn new words and better ways to formulate my sentences in French. It improved my understanding of the language.
The assistant was very patient and helpful! She was very good at helping me with finding other expressions and other ways of saying things. She also helped me express my ideas, pointing out when things didn't make sense and helping me to clarify ideas or themes that weren't clear. It was a very productive session.
It was very helpful talking with the writing assistant about my paper topic, especially in the pre-writing session. She helped me to organize my thoughts and define a clear thesis. After doing some research and writing my first draft, it was really helpful speaking with her about the paper. She helped me redefine my thesis in the context of the new information and research. Her advice and support was very helpful! Thank you!
The assistant helped me to think through my ideas in a more "French" way versus thinking as if I were writing a paper in English. We also brainstormed about how I could make a more complete analysis of the material.
This was a good session since I was able to reread my paper with help available to me if I was unable to see my mistakes. This did not mean that I did not have to try and rethink my sentences or that the answers were given to me. It was very helpful!
Her comments about my German sentence structure, her suggestions for improving my organization and her help in formulating a good thesis were all extremely helpful. She gave me some good pointers for improving my writing, and I feel much more confident as I set out to write the rest of my paper.
It was very helpful to have the assistant look over my writing in general. I tend to use lots of complex sentence structure in my writing. The assistant provided lots of very constructive feedback on my paper. I learned how certain expressions would be understood by others, so when it wasn't what I wanted to say, I was made aware of that.
It was very valuable to learn which words I had used which were not quite right and when my sentences sounded awkward to a French native speaker.
I will use this resource again for the first draft of my next paper.
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