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The Foreign Language Writing Assistance Program (FLWAP), sponsored by the Language Resource Center, is a program for students of Chinese, German, Italian and Spanish, who are taking courses on the advanced-intermediate level and beyond, and would like some assistance with writing papers in those languages. Nancy Holden-Avard (nholden@mtholyoke.edu), also Senior Lecturer in French, is Coordinator of FLWAP. Members of the FLWAP Steering Committee are: Donna Van Handle (dvanhand@mtholyoke.edu), Dean of International Students and Senior Lecturer in German Studies, Daryl Beres, Director of the Language Resource Center, and Nancy Holden-Avard, Coordinator of FLWAP.
Chinese: 300-level courses
German: 201 and above
Italian: 221 and above
Spanish: 209 and above
PROGRAM: The program focuses on the writing and revision process as well as the organization of ideas, not on grammar. A native speaker of each language will provide students with an attentive peer response to the writing task or assignment.

HOW THINGS WORK: Students are encouraged to seek assistance as they begin a writing task, not as a last-minute attempt to get a paper written which is due the next day! Students should keep in mind that any help they receive is a supplement to student-teacher consultation, not a substitute for that. Students should have a clear idea of what the instructor has asked them to do and come to the writing appointment ready to explain the assignment to the writing assistant.

Students may seek help in the pre-writing stage as well as at any time during the writing of a paper. When students arrive with a paper in hand, the assistants will help them develop a copy editing guide--a checklist of things to look for as they, the students, seek to correct their own grammar and improve their style. While writing assistants are equipped to show students proper use of native language/target language and target language dictionaries or other resource materials, all corrections are made by the students, not by the assistants. Students are responsible for the writing and correcting of their own work.

SCHEDULE: The writing assistants will begin scheduling appointments for sessions as of Monday, February 21, 2011, and students may make appointments and meet with writing assistants until the last day of classes (Tuesday, May 3, 2011). No appointments may be scheduled during reading days or the exam period.

NOTIFICATIONS: The course instructor will be notified of each meeting with the writing assistant and receive a copy of the report (via email) detailing what was covered during the session. This report will include comments written by both the student and the writing assistant. In addition, the student and her instructor will receive (via email) the "Copy Editing Guide" to which students should refer when revising or writing papers.

Chinese: Yuanmei Lu (lu25y) German: Olivia Derks (derks22o)

Italian: Griselda Potka (potka20g)

Spanish: Diana de la Rosa (delar22d)

The writing assistant has 2 hours per week set aside for appointments. It is the student's responsibility to email the writing assistant to set up an appointment. The student and writing assistant will work together to determine the date, time and place for the session. We recommend that you meet in the Language Resource Center in Ciruti. The assistant will send an email to the student to confirm the time and place of the appointment.

IMPORTANT: If a student is unable to keep her appointment, she must notify the writing assistant at least 24 hours in advance. Students who miss an appointment or do not notify the writing assistant at least 24 hours in advance will no longer be able to schedule appointments.

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