Fred Moseley
Professor of Economics
Mount Holyoke College

Working Papers (please note that Adobe Acrobat is required to view some of the papers below):

The Development of Marx's Theory of the Distribution of Surplus Value

  Introduction to Dussel --  The Four Drafts of Capital:  Towards a New Interpretation of the Dialectical Thought of Marx

  *** Read Enrique Dussel's paper "The Four Drafts of Capital"

  The "New Solution" to the Transformation Problem:   A Sympathetic Critique

  Abstract Labor: Substance or Form? A Critique of the Value-Form Interpretation of Marx's Theory

  The Determination of Constant Capital in the Case of a Change in the Value of the Means of Production

  The Decline of the Rate of Profit in the Postwar US Economy (A Comment on Brenner)

  The Rate of Profit and the Future of Capitalism

  The U.S. Economy in 1999: Goldilocks Meets the Big Bad Bear?

  The Asian Economic Crisis (published in Mount Holyoke News

  The U.S. Economy: Goldilocks Meets the Big Bad Wolf? (published in Mount Holyoke News

  The United States Economy at the Turn of the Century: Entering a New Era of Prosperity?

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