German Courses

Professor Gabriele A. Wittig Davis

German 231: Spectres, Monsters and the Mind

German 325: Geschichte/n eines Findlings: Kaspar Hauser in Film und Text

German 311: Nostalgia and Utopia: 19th-Century German Literature I

German 241-341: BunTesrepublik Deutschland?: Representations of Afro-Germans and Turkisch (Im)migrants in Film and Literature

German 325: From Kaiser to Hitler: Berlin 1871-1933 in Film and other Text

German 310: German Romanticism: The Search for Identity--Individual, Nation, Cosmos [WebCT]

German 325: Senior Seminar: Re/Visions of Self and Society:Theodor Fontane and Thomas Mann in Film and Fiction [WebCT]

German 221: German Literature and Its Context [WebCT]