Gary Gillis

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Laura Macesic (postdoctoral fellow)



Kristen Coakley ('04)

Kristen is a graduate student in Molecular Biology at U.C. San Francisco.

Helen Moreira ('04)

After getting her M.D. at UMass Medical School, Helen is now doing her residency at Brown University in Ophthamology.

Jennifer Matera ('05)

Jennifer received her D.V.M. from Tufts in 2009 and is now a veterinarian.

Anneliese Lilienthal ('05)

Anneliese finished her Masters degree in medical illustration at the Medical College of Georgia and moved back north. She is now working for XVIVO, a science animation company in Hartford.

Deborah Crabtree ('06)

Deborah finished her Masters degree in International Relations in Seoul, South Korea, and is back in the states looking to go to law school next.

Melanie Hnot ('06)

Melanie finished veterinary school at the University of Pennsylvania and is now doing a residency.

Lauren Bonvini ('07)

Lauren is in the graduate program in ecology and evolution at Dartmouth where she's working on lizard ecology/evolution with Ryan Calsbeek.

Emily Goldstein ('07)

Emily earned her Masters degree in Ecosystem Conservation and Landscape Management from the University of Cork in Ireland and is now working toward her Ph.D.

Dery Miller ('07)

Dery worked as a clinical neurophysiologist for several years and is now in medical school at Wake Forest University.

Lindsay Goodale ('08)

Lindsay is in veterinary school at Cornell University.

Alli Haley ('08)

Alli is in London at the Royal Veterinary College where she is pursuing a Ph.D. in Veterinary Studies (and I think may be going for a Veterinary Degree as well).

Trupti Akella (’09)

Trupti worked in the Dept. of BioEngineering at the University of Pennsylvania on the biomechanics of traumatic injury for several years. She is now in medical school.

Lauren Fields (’09)

Lauren ss in graduate school at the University of Illinois working with some of the world’s leaders studying the biology of fish antifreeze proteins.

Addison Kemp (’09)

After a Fulbright Fellowship that took her to Finland and Madagascar to study evolutionary developmental biology, Addie is now in the Ph.D. program in Anthropology at the University of Texas, Austin.

Noelle Noyes (’09; Post-bac)

Noelle is in the dual degree program (D.V.M./Ph.D.) at Colorado State’s school of veterinary medicine.

Rashmi Gunaratne (’10)

Rashmi currently in veterinary school at Cambridge University in England.

Andrea Laizer (’10; Post-bac)

Andrea is at George Washington University in their Physical Therapy School earning her M.S.

Catherine Tierney ('11)

Cat is working in Boston and did her senior project studying the role of vision in coordinating forelimb muscle activity in landing toads.


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