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African Popular Culture
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April 19, 2004: Oliver Mtukudzi in Concert at Mount Holyoke College
8:00 pm Chapin Auditorium
Tickets for MHC faculty, staff and students are free
Banning Eyre "Popular Music and Political Struggle in Zimbabwe"
4:00 pm New York Room, Mary Lyon Hall
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Art of Tshibumba Kanda Matulu

This course uses popular music, dance, fiction, film, street art, bus slogans, newspapers and other sources to document African interpretations of the
decades since “flag independence” in 1960. We will let African musicians, writers, film-makers and artists direct our investigation of the big questions of the
class: Why is the gap between rich and poor in African societies increasing? What is happening to gender relations? What do African people think of their
political leaders and how do they imagine political situations might improve?

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Class meets Mondays 7-9:30pm in Cleveland 2L

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