Physics 303 Fall Semester 2005

Instructor: H. Nicholson
Office: 211 Kendade
Phone: x2234

Course organization

Homework is normally due on Thursdays before noon in the box outside my office door. (Note the change from the mailbox.)

There will be two exams during the term and a final exam.

Approximately 75% of the grade will be based on the result of the two course exams and the final exam. The remaining 25% will be based on the homework.

Answers to Final in .pdf format

Basic math review.

Basic Math Review p.1

Basic Math Review p.2

Basic Math Review p.3

Basic Math Review p.4

Basic Math Review p.5

Basic Math Review p.6

Basic Math Review p.7

Basic Math Review p.8

Basic Math Review p.9

Basic Math Review p.10

Basic Math Review p.11

Basic Math Review p.12

Basic Math Review p.13

Mathematica tutorials in acrobat (.pdf) format.

Mathematica 1 Plotting

Mathematica 2 Differentiation

Mathematica 3 Integration

Mathematica 4 Series

Mathematica 5 Plotting II

Mathematica 6 Complex Numbers

Mathematica 7 Complex Numbers II

Mathematica 8 Practice Problems

Mathematica 9 Linear Algebra

Mathematica 10 Fourier Series I

Mathematica 11 Fourier Series II

Mathematica 12 Partial Differentiation

Mathematica 13 Differential Equations I

Mathematica 14 Differential Equations II

Mathematica 15 Vector Calculus

Additional information

Variation of Parameters