Research Bibliography -- Fall 2000

(Compiled by Indira V. Peterson)

I Recent articles and collections of Essays on Indian women and gender studies

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11 Articles and Collections on Communalism, Minority Women in India

All the essays in Zoya Hasan, ed., Gender, Communities and the State, are pertinent. See especially: Hasan, "Contextualizing Gemder Identity", "Minority Identity, State Policy and Political Process", Huma Ahmed-Ghosh, "Preseving Identity: A Case Study of Palitpur"., M.Mukhopadhyay, "Between Community and State: The Question of Women's Rights and Personal Laws"., and P.Bacchetta, "Communal Property /Sexual Property: On Representations of Muslim Women in a Hindu National Discourse".

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III Books

The bibliography on goddesses is large. For an excellent and up-to-date bibliography, see Hawley and Wulff, eds., Devi: Goddesses of India. This bibliography will be photocopied and put in a folder entitled, "Subject subject bibliographies", in box marked "Asian 220, Indian Womenn ". Ourside my office door, 129 Ciruti,.

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Books on other Subjects

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Additions to the fiction section in the Bibliography:

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