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Globalization & The Global Economy


"Globalization for Whom?"

(Mark Weisbrot , Cornell International Law Journal, 1998 Symposium Issue, Vol. 31, #3)

Globalization and Corporate Rule

URL of the CorpWatch® Issue Library, Here you'll find in-depth information on a wide range of issues involving corporate power, corporate globalization and grassroots resistance to it.

Globalization Briefing

United Nations CyberSchoolBus

Dismal Scientist:

"The Dismal Scientist" from®:

Economic Analysis Indicators and Data for the World

A Study of US Public Attitude toward Globalization

"AMERICANS ON GLOBALIZATION:A Study of US Public Attitudes", Research by PIPA® (Program of international Policy attitudes), March 28, 2000

Globalization is Good: Johan Norberg on Globalization

Controversial Channel Four documentary in which young Swedish writer Johan Norberg takes viewers on a journey to Taiwan, Vietnam, Kenya and Brussels to see the impact of globalisation, and the consequences of its absence. It makes the case that the problem in the world is not too much capitalism, globalisation and multinationals, but too little.

Backlash: Behind the Anxiety over Globalization

(Aaron Bernstein, Bloomberg Businessweek, April 24, 2000 Issue)

Trade & Globalization

News and publications from the Economic Poilcy Institute (

Globalization in Images

International Forum on Globalization

Globalization: IMF Key Issues