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I. Each student has to write at least five short essays (due electronically Tuesdays or Thursdays at noon -- late essays will not be accepted!). You cannot write more than six essays - or at least I will not grade more than six. The topics for each deadline will be available on the website (there is a total of seven potential deadlines). Each essay has to be between 800 and 1000 words (these limits will be strictly enforced. You have to provide the exact word count on each paper, not including title, references, and short footnotes). Your best four essays will count for 40 percent of your grade. Each student has to write at least one essay by the second deadline (see topics below) and at least three by the fifth deadline.


II. There will be two midterm exams on February 28 (10 percent) and on April 4 (fifteen percent) and a regular self-scheduled final (fifteen percent). Thus, these exams will count for a total of forty percent of your final grade.


III. Active participation in class and a number of oral presentations (some of them formal) will count for the remaining twenty percent of your grade.