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International Economics:

Balance of Payments (BOF) & Exchange Rates



Understanding the World Economy

Course Web Pages of B09.2317 - Understanding the World Macroeconomy, by Professor Nouriel Roubini, Leonard N. Stern School of Business, New York University

Federal Reserve on Balance of Payments

Online publications of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Fed Point 40: Balance of Payments, contains the components of the Balance of payments and explains each part individually.

Notes on the U.S. Trade and Balance of Payments Deficits

"Interim Report: Notes on the U.S. Trade and Balance of Payments Deficits", by Wynne Godley, online publication of the The Levy Economics Institute®.

Page on Balance of payments at

About balance of payments

From Biz/Ed ® online, United Kingdom, including the Components of the Balance of Payments, Balance of Payments Problems (correcting BOF surplus/deficit), and Exchange Rates.

Historical Data of Exchange Rates, names of currencies

Federal reserve statistical release, online publication by the Board of Governor of the Feseral Reserve System.


Current Exchange Rates: