Asian Pacific American Quiz

Below are words and phrases that are relevant to the history of Asian Americans in the United States. Please briefly describe the significance of each word or phrase to Asian American studies. This is an open book quiz—please use any and all resources available to you—books on reserve, the internet, your peers, your family, other faculty members. If you do not score 100%, you will have one chance to make-up the answers you missed and re-submit it (the emphasis of this quiz is on learning not on what you get right or wrong). After you re-submit (due the last day of class) if the quiz isn’t 100% correct then I will score it accordingly. (fact: all of the former students of my classes who have taken this quiz have scored 100% after they have resubmit the quiz).  Sharing answers is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED!

1.  Gam Saan  11. Chinese Exclusion Act
2.  Pinoy 12. Comfort Women
3.  Transcontinental Railroad 13. Tet Offensive
4.  Model Minority 14. Picture Bride
5.  Executive Order 9066 15. Sugar cane
6.  Spanish American War 16. Yellow Peril
7.  38th Parallel/DMZ 17. Partition
8.  Vincent Chin 18. Angel Island
9.  Filial piety 19. Hapa
10. Queen Liliuokalani 20. Civil Liberties Act/HR442