Sample Assignment: Paper #1 – Analysis of Symbol/Setting

(3-4 pages)

For your first paper, you will analyze either a symbol or the setting in one of the texts that we have read from Weeks 1-4. The purpose of this assignment is for you to develop an argument/thesis for the function or purpose of the symbol or setting within the text. Questions to consider include: What function does the symbol/setting serve in terms of progressing the plot of the story, adding to the tension among the other characters, or adding to the atmosphere and emotional feeling of the poem/short story/play? What is significant/important about the symbol or setting?

Symbols to consider are Donne's use of the "sun" in "The Sun Rising," Lee's use of "persimmons" in "Persimmons," and Erdrich's use of geese in Love Medicine.  You could also consider the setting of the retirement home in Love Medicine and the fairgrounds in Joyce's "Araby." These are but a small sample of potential paper topics; there are certainly many others.

[Note:  If you write about Antigone for Paper #1 you will need to write about Midsummers Night's Dream for Paper #2 because you need to write about a new text for each of the three papers in this course.]

Due Dates:

Peer Editing Draft--Thursday, September 26--you must post at least 2 pages to Web CT

Responses to Peer Group papers posted on Web CT--Tuesday, October 1

Paper #1 – Thursday, October 10 by 8:30am IN CLASS.  Late papers will be graded accordingly.

Please see me or Mary in office hours or by appointment to help you get started on your paper and to make sure that you have a workable thesis for this paper.  There will also be sample papers on reserve if you would like to see a model.  Good Luck!