Sample Assignment: Student Teaching Projects

Week 9 (Nov. 5&7), Week 10 (Nov. 12&14), Week 12 (Nov. 26&28)

The student teaching projects are a chance for students to choose, design, and teach selections of Asian American literature to the rest of the class. The first step in this process is to select a genre that you are interested in—poetry, essays (non-fiction work), short stories (fiction), or drama (see description at bottom). Next, based on the genre you selected, you will be put into groups of 3-4 students. Each teaching group will then get together outside of class and select the specific text(s) that you will assign to the class. Finally, Jennifer will put together a schedule for each group to present on a certain date, and the class will come prepared to discuss the text you have selected.  In addition to the lesson plan you create for the day, you will have to distribute a 2 page handout to the class, related to your teaching project. You will have approximately the entire class period to teach to the class—estimate for at least an hour’s worth of teaching.

This assignment is designed to:

(a) give you control over the syllabus

(b) give you experience with group projects

(c) give you an opportunity to teach to the class and hone your presentation skills.

All groups need to meet at least once with Jennifer during her office hours or by appointment at least two weeks before your scheduled teaching project date. Please refer to the dates below to ensure that you keep on schedule with these teaching projects:

Wednesday, Sept. 19:  Teaching Project topics due (pick a genre)

Wednesday, Oct. 10:  Specific texts are due for each group

Monday, Oct. 15-Wed. Oct. 31:  Schedule an appointment to meet with Jennifer if you haven’t done so already.


Drama: Select 1 play from Fish Head Soup and Other Plays
Essays: Select 2-3 essays from Contours of the Heart or Making More Waves
Short Stories Select 2-3 short stories from Contours of the Heart or Making More Waves
Poetry:  Select 4-5 poems from Contours of the Heart of Making More Waves