Paper Comment Abbreviations

agreement this is either a pronoun-antecedent agreement problem or a subject-verb agreement problem; review how to fix this grammar error in BH.
awk.    sentence/phrase is awkward; need to re-phrase for clarity.
BH       The Bedford Handbookgood place to review grammar rules.
cc         comma needed with coordinating conjunction--this is a RUN-ON sentence.
c.o.a.    coming-of-age
coll.     colloquial language--use a more formal diction in your paper.
cp        compound predicate--no comma needed.
cs         comma splice—need to separate two independent clauses with appropriate punctuation or separate into two sentences—review RUN-ON sentences in BH
evidence need more textual evidence to support your thesis
MLA   Need to use proper MLA formatting, either in-text or in Works Cited page.
mm/dm misplaced modifier or dangling modifier; needs to be re-phrased for logical construction; see BH for how to repair this error.
mixed   mixed construction; too many grammar errors intertwined; re-phrase for clarity.
para     this is paraphrased from the text; you need to include appropriate page number.
parallel parallel construction needed; look in BH for how to repair this error.
Pg#s    you are missing page numbers, either from your own paper or from the text you are quoting.
pl.        word should be plural rather than singular; doesn't require apostrophe.
poss.   word should be in the possessive form; may require apostrophe.
proof   Need textual evidence or paraphrased proof from the text to support your claim.
Push further this is a good point but you need to refine it and add on to this point so that it will push your argument forward; you may need to find more evidence from the text to support this point as well.
Q.A.    Quotation alone!  Remember, quotation must be integrated into your analysis—the quotation is shy; it cannot stand alone!
rep.      repetitive—cut from paper.
review   Look in BH for how to repair this problem; we have done this lesson in-class.
sc         serial comma; need to insert a comma in a series.
si         split infinitive—no words should separate an infinitive.
show not tell need to explain with evidence from the text that you have explicated how this point relates to your thesis; don't just tell your argument, show how your argument is supported by your analysis and evidence.
tense    need to find the correct verb tense.
unclear vague phrase/point—need to clarify with more precise language or details from the text.
vague   see above—if you have used the pronoun "this," you need to find a more precise referent in making your point.
wc       word choice—need to select a more accurate or precise word/phrase.
wordy sentence construction is too convoluted and confusing—simplify and condense; say what you mean in a more concise and precise manner.