Calculus II - 02 - Spring 2007

THURSDAY, 3:00 PM, May 10: A Solution to the DE assigned for HW Thursday, May 3 is now available. The Grading Chart is now updated to include the scale for Test 3. Click HERE for Final Exam Responsibilities & Examples. Today and Tomorrow: Last Office Drop-In Times 4-5. I will be out of town and unavailable on Monday, May 14.

Instructor: Jim Morrow Office: #1 Woodbridge (See Map for location and directions.) Drop-In: M-F, May 7-11, 4-5PM

Class Meetings: TTH 11:00-12:15, W 3:15-4:05, L2 Cleveland

Problems for Potential Mathematics Majors/Minors


Logistical Details

Homework will generally be handed in during class on Tuesday and will be returned in class or in a folder on a 4th floor bulletin board in Clapp. (location: the board above the student mail slots on the south wall across from 401 Clapp) Revised homework can be handed in again, if completed within the week following its return. The grade on the redone homework will replace the original grade. You may work with others on the homework (I encourage you to do so!) but, in keeping with the MHC Honor Code, you must contribute substantially to the work and list those with whom you collaborate.


Above is the link to all your assignments.

Inspiration and an Introduction to Calculus II-02 Homework

“A great discovery solves a great problem but there is a grain of discovery in the solution of every problem. Your problem may be modest; but if iy challenges your curiosity and brings into play your inventive faculties, and if you solve it by your own means, you may experience the tension and enjoy the triumph of discovery.”

George Polya - from the Preface, Single Variable Calculus, ... , Stewart

Computers & Calculators: We will be using the computer programs that are available on the computers in Clapp 401, 422 and 420. In addition, we will use graphing calculators; in any case these are recommended but not required.

Evening help sessions: Held Sunday through Thursday, 7:00--10:00 PM, in Clapp 401, 402 and the surrounding classrooms

Exams: There will be three exams (all involving some individual work, some in class, some outside class) and a final self-scheduled exam.

Grading: Your grade for the course will be computed as follows:

See the link to the GRADING CHART for more details about grading and the FAQ for additional general information.