Remembering the Old South Hadley High School: 1913-1956
An Oral History Project

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1. Dedication of Town Hall and High School-1

2. Dedication of Town Hall and High School-2
3. 1913 The Cornerstone is Laid-1
2. 1913 The Cornerstone is Laid-2
5. Town Hall front photo

6. John Zebryk remembers-1

7. John Zebryk remembers-2

8. Final Assembly of High School at Town Hall

11. 1956 South Hadley High School Graduation
9. New South Hadley High School

10. 1956 South Hadley High School Dedication event program



things were different then

the old school building


getting to and from school

girls and pearls and girls' basketball

dances for every occasion

what is poor?

you want it, you work for it

mason dixon line

football, basketball, band and debating


study hall, classes, college, commercial, and general tracks



life after high school

the high school and Mt. Holyoke College

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