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8 short (approximately 1 page) reports in which you explore some aspect of the assigned reading further. The best 6 of these will be counted toward your grade. This exploration may take any of several forms, such as:

  • seeking out and reading one of the references the author has used, and writing a short summary of it
  • comparing more than one author's view on a particular topic
  • hunting down more on a particular topic, and describing both the search and discovery
  • listing new terms found in the reading and giving their definitions

These reports should document the sources you use for information, as well as summarize what you have learned.

At least one report should be about a scholarly scientific article. There should be at least one report from each topic: genetics, evolution, sex, and disease. Beyond these criteria, the timing, choice of topic, and format are up to your discretion.

QUIZ on patterns of inheritance, DNA-RNA-protein

2/27, 3/1
Preliminary data analysis due in lab

Read Genome ch. 18-22, make a list of uses of genetic technology, and bring it to class
 3/8, 3/13 In lab: oral reports on:
The cost of defense
Evolution of Trichome Number
Rapid cycling of Brassica

Summary of Brassica background reading due in lab. This is the first draft of the introduction to your artificial selection paper.

QUIZ on mitosis, natural selection

4/10, 4/12
Parasitology report due
4/17, 4/19 First draft Brassica results due
4/24, 4/26 First draft Brassica methods due

final assignment handed out in class

5/1, 5/3
DNA fingerprinting paper due
Penultimate draft of Brassica paper due in lab for report writing workshop
Help! I lost my handouts on report formats and data analysis!

Last class

Final assignment due
6th or last reading report due
Final draft of Brassica paper due, with all rough drafts attached

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