Biology 100 B 

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Syllabus - Part 2 - Evolutionary medicine

part 1 - human genetics 

part 3 - evolution of virulence
part 4 - evolution of sex 

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Natural selection
Introduction to population genetics from the Gene School

kin selection
Read about kin selection and the coefficient of relatedness at (MIT)

1, 2 

Types of parasites [prions, viruses, bacteria, fungi, protists (OK, there are no protists), helminths, insects]
[Types of organisms]

3, 4

How we fight the pathogens, and how they fight back: the evolution of drug resistance

5 - 7
 3/26 Fighting pathogens, continued: How HIV works


QUIZ (selection & mitosis), immunology
a taste of immunology
a serious look at immunology

 immune system sections

to part 3 - evolution of virulence

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