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ENGL 377, Feminist Poetics Seminar, Spring 2011

Seminar Projects

Passage 1: These lines depict the crucial moment when Laura sees how the Moonlanders are born. Watching a "solemn band" of lunar inhabitants who have "Collected near an earthy mound," she views the clay give birth to an old man. Like all the Moonlanders, he will eventually grow young, find his dyad, sprout wings, and together they will ascend to Heaven.

  • Group #1: Catherine Dietrich, Holly Mitchell, Susie Hufford, Stephanie Blakeman
  • Group #2: Nadia Khawaja, Anam Sethi, Tanya Bashaw

Passage 2: This passage depicts the moment when the now-young Moonlander, again watched by a group of lunar inhabitants, joins with his other half. As Laura and the Moonlanders look on, he sprouts wings, she does too, and then together they fly off into "purer spheres." This passage ends with Laura describing how Aurelio, her tour guide and eventual failed love interest, has grown into his prime.

  • Group #3: Megan McGrath, Deeya Mirchandani, Laura Gross
  • Group #4: Alyssa Turschman, Paige McFarland, Nicole Costa