Social, Personality, and Abnormal Psychology
Social Psychology:

Social Psychology Network-contains information about social psychology, general psychology, general psych. links, and information about journals, textbooks, courses, research groups, PhD programs and more.

Personality Psychology:

The Personality Project-from the graduate program at Northwestern University. Contains a list of links to recommended readings, academic and nonacademic webpages, organizations, and advice for students.
Ideas in Personality-search engine specifically for areas in Personality Psychology.
Personality Theories-an electronic textbook by Dr. George Boeree in the Psychology department at Shippensburg University. It is designed for undergraduate and graduate courses in personality theories. Includes theories by Freud, Erikson, Adler, Skinner and more.

Abnormal Psychology:

Mental Health Links-a "mega-list" of other sites relevant to mental health
Mental Health Encyclopedia-a wonderful resource for abnormal psychology, although the server is often too busy. Information on common and some uncommon disorders.