Materials Procedure

An independent groups ANOVA was run to determine if there was a significant difference in participant test scores for learning styles and incentives. There was no main effect for learning style. Participants in the text group (M= 11.03) did not score significantly different than participants in the video group (M= 11.37), F (1,59)= .36, Mse= 4.70, p>. 05. There was also no main effect for incentives. Participants in the expected incentive group (M= 11.53) did not obtain a significantly different score than participants in the unexpected incentive group (M=10.87), F(1,59)= 1.42, Mse= 4.70, p>.05.

There was a significant interaction detected between learning styles and incentives F(1,59)= 5.12, Mse= 4.70, p<.05. A post hoc test was run to determine where the significant differences existed. This test revealed that the unexpected incentive text group scored significantly lower than the expected incentive text group and the unexpected incentive video group. No other significant effects were found.


The hypothesis being tested study was partially supported.