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Biochemistry 311: Protein Biochemistry and Cellular Metabolism

Biochemistry 314: Nucleic Acids Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Biochemsitry 330: Topics in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Statement of Research Interest: Research in my laboratory is aimed at understanding the role of abortive initiation and promoter escape in transcription initiation by E. coli RNA polymerase. Previous results indicate the extent of abortive initiation and efficiency of promoter escape to depend on DNA sequence information embedded in the promoter recognition region (PRR; -60 to -1) and initial transcribed sequence (ITS; +1 to +20) of the promoter. Our work is focused on dissecting the ITS sequence contribution, using in vitro transcriptional analysis of promoters mutagenized in the ITS region, and examining the pattern and extent of abortive and productive RNA formation by high-resolution PAGE. A typical result of the PAGE analysis, done with three phage promoters--T7 A1, T5 N25, and T5 N25anti--is shown in the gel picture on the left. A progress report of our work can be gleaned from the poster abstract presented in the 1997 FASEB Summer Research Conference on Prokaryotic Transcription Initiation.


Current Lab Members

D. Dewaine Jackson, Ph.D., postdoctoral associate

Katia J. Evans, '99

Elizabeth Goneska, '99

Jillian Frechette, '00

Maureen Khoo, '99

Ruchita Sinha, '99

Undergraduate Research Students


Sponsored Research Officer, 1998-2000

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Acting Chair of Chemistry Department, 1999.


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