Office of the Dean of Faculty

September, 1998


TO: Members of the Faculty
FROM: The Faculty Grants Committee*
RE: Faculty Grants and Fellowships

The Board of Trustees and the Faculty have charged the Faculty Grants Committee with the responsibility of awarding funds to support research and other creative activities. The Committee administers two types of awards:

Faculty Fellowships: For support of major research or creative work, usually carried out during a sabbatical leave or leave of absence. In spring 1994, the Faculty voted to change how faculty fellowship funds are awarded. For details, please refer to the attached application procedure.

Faculty Grants: For supplementary financial assistance to help defray costs of publication, travel, and other important but relatively small expenses of carrying on research. Generally, individual awards range from several hundred to several thousand dollars.

Please note that fellowships are only considered in the fall, while grants are awarded in both fall and spring. All proposals are due in the Office of the Dean of Faculty. The deadlines are on Mondays, as follows:

Fellowship proposals: November 2, 1998.
Grant proposals: November 16, 1998; March 22, 1999.

Teaching faculty of all ranks and from all departments may submit proposals. Applicants are expected to seek financial support from sources outside the College when applying for fellowships and grants.

Please note that the application forms are designed to assist the Faculty Grants Committee in their deliberations as well as help faculty members present proposals as clearly and concisely as possible.

*Ken Tucker (Chair), Chris Rivers, Helen Leung, Don O'Shea.




Faculty Fellowship Awards


Deadline: Monday, November 2, 1998

In order to encourage excellence in scholarship and creative work, the College awards an average of ten prize fellowships annually. The value of the fellowships are adjusted each year, to be ten percent of the average salary for Mount Holyoke College faculty of professorial rank (as most recently reported to the AAUP, rounded to the nearest hundred dollars). In AY 1998, the award will be $6,300.

An application consists of the following:
- a brief description of the proposed research (up to 1000 words) on the attached form
- a current curriculum vitae
- three letters of support from references outside the College, addressing your research
accomplishment in general as well as the merits of the proposed project in specific

The application -- the original plus five copies of the first two items -- is due in the Dean of Facultyís Office on Monday, November 2, 1998. The letters of support should be sent directly to the Deanís office to arrive on the same date.

The Faculty Grants Committee judges proposals on their scholarly or creative merit. In addition to the intellectual content, the Committee evaluates a proposal on the appropriateness of its methodology, the significance of the stated goals, and the feasibility of the project. Since the Faculty Grants Committee is an interdisciplinary group, your proposal should be written for scholars who are not specialists in your field. You should strive for clarity in your presentation.

Fellowships are awarded only in conjunction with a leave of absence or a sabbatical, and may only be used while an individual holds a contract with Mount Holyoke College. Fully-funded first modified sabbaticals for non-tenured assistant professors are eligible for a fellowship only if the sabbatical leave is extended by taking an additional leave without pay. Faculty taking a full year of paid sabbatical are eligible to apply for a double award; however, depending on the strength of the application, the Faculty Grants Committee may choose to grant only a single award. This might occur, for example, if an applicant is planning to work on two projects, one judged outstanding and the other deemed mediocre; or if a fascinating proposal is received from an individual with an equivocal track record.
At least ten fellowships are available annually. The exact number of awards, however, may vary from year to year, depending on the quality of the proposals. Regardless of whether more or less than ten fellowships are awarded, applicants should be prepared for healthy competition; since we are a faculty of approximately 180 members, about a fourth of whom will be on leave each year, receiving a fellowship is far from assured.

Faculty applying for a Faculty Fellowship may also apply for a Faculty Grant Award to help defray incidental research or travel expenses. This requires a separate application, submitting on the appropriate from. Unlike fellowship awards which are fixed, faculty Grant awards are variable; therefore, a detailed budget justification must be supplied on the Faculty Grant application.

The Committee expects applicants to seek financial support from appropriate sources outside the College when applying for a Faculty Fellowship. Recipients receiving another fellowship or grant for the same time period as their College award should notify the Faculty Grants committee. In order to retain any part of the Faculty Fellowship, the recipient must send a written request to the Dean of Faculty with appropriate justifications.





Faculty Grant Awards


Fall Deadline: Monday, November 16, 1998
Spring Deadline: Monday, March 22, 1999

Faculty Grant Awards are for supplementary assistance in meeting important but relatively small research expenses. Grants may be used only while the recipient is under contract to Mount Holyoke College. Only one request may be submitted per academic year. There is no advantage in selecting one deadline over the other - the best rule is to file an application when you have a good proposal. No requests are granted retroactively to cover expenses associated with a previously attended conference or completed scholarly work, so you need to plan ahead for your professional/scholarly activities in the coming year.

The Faculty Grants Committee judges proposed projects on their artistic or scholarly merits and may take into consideration an applicantís history of College funding. Please note that the practice of the Committee has been to deny budget requests for computer hardware, other durable equipment, the costs of food associated with travel, and the travel expenses of dependents. Colleagues with questions about the application process should feel free to consult members of the Faculty Grants Committee or the Dean of Facultyís Office.

The application form is designed to help faculty members prepare proposals as well as help Committee members compare application information. Since the Faculty Grants Committee is an interdisciplinary group, your proposal should be written for scholars who are not specialists in your field. In presenting your proposed project, you should strive for clarity of the intellectual content and discuss the importance of the proposed activity to your work.

Applications are due in Mary Lyon Hall, Room 104 by 5:00 p.m. on the appointed date. The complete Grant Application consists of the original plus five copies of the following:
- a brief description of the proposed project (about 500 words)
- a detailed budget
- information on Other Support