Women's Studies 333
Emily Dickinson in Her Times

This course will examine the writing of Emily Dickinson, both her poetry and her letters. We will consider the cultural, historical, and familial environment in which she wrote, with special attention paid to Dickinson's place as a woman artist in the nineteenth century. Students will be asked to complete a community-based learning project in which some aspect of Dickinson's life and work is interpreted for the general public and incorporated into an ongoing display at the Dickinson Homestead. The class will meet at the Dickinson Homestead in Amherst.

Community-based learning course
Meets Humanities I-A requirement

Meeting Times
T 1:00-3:50

Prerequsite: Junior/Senior, 8 credits in women's studies beyond 101, or permission of instructor;
4 credits; enrollment limited to 10; 1 meeting (3 hours) in Amherst

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