Syllabus for Astronomy 223 /23
Fall 2010 Planetary Science 303 Kendade Hall

Faculty: M. Darby Dyar
217 Kendade Hall, MHC
538-3073 or 538-3220 or

TAs to be announced.

What I expect of you in this class:
  Be professional and participate actively in the course.
Know the schedule and be aware of important dates, monitor the web site.
Keep up with the work. Do the reading.
Get help promptly if you need it.
Seek me out if I can help you with problems of any kind, or if you just want to talk!
  You do not want to miss this class! If class attendance starts to drop off in mid-semester, I reserve the right to add pop quizes to encourage attendance...


The New Solar System (4th edition) by Beatty et al. (1999) recommended but no requred
Encylopedia of the Solar System (2nd edition) by McFadden et al. (2007) is very good
Encyclopedia of Planetary Sciences (Shirley and Fairbridges) is also great

Weekly readings:

These are posted in the schedule on the web site. Because this field is constantly changing, I will also make considerable use of web sites for NASA missions and other current events in planetary science. Web addresses will be posted on the web site for the class.



  I may from time to time make use of (parts of) videos in class, as listed on the web site.

Student Information Form

  All homework assignments will be available on the web site. They are due in class ONE WEEK after the lecture in which they are assigned. Points will be deducted from assignments handed in late at a rate of one point per day, unless accompanied by a note from a doctor.
Grading criteria:


We will have a short quiz at the beginning of every class, containing 2-4 short-answer questions pertaining to content from the previous weeks. All assignments (quiz and homework grades) will be converted to percentages out of 100. The lowest grade will be dropped, and the remaining grades are summed to arrive at a final score for the class. Content is always cumulative. Last class and last quiz are Dec. 6.

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