Videos used for Astronomy 101

We may from time to time make use of (parts of) videos in class. All of them will be available for checking out from the Mount Holyoke library. A partial list of them follows:
Meteorite Impact
Creation of the Universe
Doomsday Asteroid
Venus Unveiled
Countdown to the Invisible Universe
Exploring Our Universe
New Solar System
Solar Sea
Death of a Star
Mysteries of Deep Space
Stephen Hawking’s Universe
Home Star: The Sun, the Planets, and Mercury
Venus and Mars: Earth's Sisters
The Blue Planet and Pale Moon Above
Jupiter and Saturn: Probing the Planets
Uranus, Neptune, and the Milky Way: Deep Dark Space
Impact! Comets and Asteroids

Note that some/many of these videos are also in the collections at UMass, Smith, and Amherst Colleges; check the Five College Library Catalog to find out where they are located.


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