Astronomy 23/223 Homework:



  This assignment is designed to help you understand how scientist utilize telescopes to answer questions about Jupiter and the other planets. In the process you will also be exposed to the current research being pursued about Jupiter.

Look at Chandra and Hubble Space Telescope websites


Pick three images and answer these questions for each:

  • When was the image taken? What was it supposed to show?
  • What wavelength of light is the image using? Why is that important? What does it show different than other images taken in at other wavelengths of similar areas? Could the image be taken from a ground based telescope?
  • What is the scientific question this images address/answers?
  • What more do we learn about Jupiter from this image?
  • Are there new questions created by this image? What would you propose as the next step to investigate this area or scientific question?

From your knowledge of Jupiter and what you have just investigated in the current scientific research on the planet, write a proposal for telescope time to observe the planet (2-3 pages). The proposal must include what scientific question you wish to research, what wavelength of light you would need to use (and thus what telescope you would want to use), how this will build on other scientific research being currently done, and what your hypothesis is that the image will show. Telescope time is extremely competitive and expensive. As a result, your argument should be convincing, scientifically plausible, and based in real research. I encourage you to spend some time looking in journal articles to strengthen your case.



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