Jupiter and Saturn

1. Compute the escape velocity from Jupiter at a distance of 70000 from the center of the planet.

2. Compute the escape velocity from Venus, and speculate on the effect this could have had on the loss of H from Venus' atmosphere.

3. At what depth (height) does the pressure on Jupiter equal that of Earth at sea-level? Be sure to include in your answer the source (i.e., the paper or web location) you used for detrmining the thermal structure of Jupiter's atmosphere.

4. Calculate the densities of Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus using data given on this web site. How do these numbers compare with the density of ammonia ice, water ice, carboon dioxide ice, olivine, feldspar, and iron-nickel at 1 gram per cc? For each planet, suggest one possible composition in terms of percentages (by weight) of these six components.