Astronomy 23/223 Homework:

Semester Project

The semester project is an opportunity for you to investigate a topic in more depth than we are able to in class. The intension is that you will learn more about both about the object you are investigating and the tool you are using to investigate it.

Use an astronomical tool: telescopes, math, radar, mineralogy, chemistry, ect. To explain a scientific question about one of the planets. I want you to write this up in a 8-10 page paper. You will need to look at journals to help with your research but I want you to really use what ever tool is being applied. That is, if there's math involved, do the math; if there are pictures, show me what's important about them; if there's mineralogy explain it to me.

Examples could include but are not limited to:

  • Water on Mars explained through evidence from recent rovers
  • Age correlation on any of the planets
  • Multiple body orbital motion
  • Radioactive dating of meteorites
  • Mineralogical impacts of craters and/or meteorites
  • Using telescopes to understand atmospher on Venus or one of the gas planets
  • Explain mathematically/geologically the possible ramifications if the moon no longer existed
  • Explaining how the moon was formed from geological evidence






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