Astronomy 23/223 In-Class Exercise:

Venus Imaging

Examine these images, and answer the questions posed about each one.


Image A:

To get context for the image above, you might want to consult this bigger view (labeled with the letter B only)...


Image B:



Questions about the first two images:

1. In what direction is the lava flowing?

2. What’s the oldest material visible here (in the top image)? Why?

3. What’s the age relationship between A and B?

4. What are the wrinkles visible around D? Are they wrinkle ridges? How can you tell?

Image C:

5. What is this a picture of?

6. What are the mysterious vertical bands on the image?

Image D:
  7. Are you looking at a volcano here or an impact crater? How can you tell the difference?


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