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Alunite Group

Alunite group minerals are anhydrous sulfates with general formulas of (A B)2 XO4, where A is Na, K, or H3O, B is Al or Fe3+, and X is Si. They often form in localities where acid (usually ore-bearing) solutions have altered orthoclase-rich rocks.

The photo to the left is representative of this mineral group; however, it is not the same sample on which spectra listed below were measured.

Alunite T10 (K1Na0(H3O)0)(Fe1Al2)
Alunite T13 (K0Na1(H3O)0)(Fe0.5Al2.5)
Alunite T14 (K0Na1(H3O)0)(Fe1Al2)
Alunite T15 (K0Na1(H3O)0)(Fe2Al1)
Alunite T5 (K1Na0(H3O)0)(Fe0.75Al2.25)
Alunite T6 (K0Na1(H3O)0)(Fe0.75Al2.25)
Alunite T8 (K1Na0(H3O)0)(Fe0.5Al2.5)
Argentojarosite, Brophy
Hydronium Jarosite J.M
Hydronium jarosite, Tosca 10 (H3O)1(Fe2.25Al0.75)
Hydronium jarosite, Tosca 11 (H3O)1(Fe3Al0)
Hydronium jarosite, Tosca 12 (H3O)1(Fe2.5Al0.5)
Hydronium jarosite, Tosca 5 (H3O)1(Fe0.5Al2.5)
Hydronium jarosite, Tosca 7 (H3O)1(Fe1.5Al1.5)
Hydronium jarosite, Tosca 9 (H3O)1(Fe1.0Al2.0)
Jarosite (water)
Jarosite 10B,(K.55Na.03(H3O).42)3Fe9(SO4)6(OH)18
Jarosite 11B,(K.49Na.16(H3O).35)3Fe9(SO4)6(OH)18
Jarosite 12B,(K.47Na.02(H3O).51)3Fe9(SO4)6(OH)19
Jarosite 132060
Jarosite 13B,(K.04Na.68(H3O).28)3Fe9(SO4)6(OH)20
Jarosite 14B,(K.03Na.78(H3O).19)3Fe9(SO4)6(OH)21
Jarosite 15B,(K.02Na.72(H3O).27)3Fe9(SO4)6(OH)22
Jarosite 16B,(K.01Na.65(H3O).34)3Fe9(SO4)6(OH)23
Jarosite 17B,(K.01Na.83(H3O).16)3Fe9(SO4)6(OH)24
Jarosite 18B,(Na.83(H3O).17)3Fe9(SO4)6(OH)25
Jarosite 19B, unknown composition
Jarosite 1B,(K.86Na.04(H3O).10)3Fe9(SO4)6(OH)18
Jarosite 1V,(K.86Na.04(H3O).10)3Fe9(SO4)6(OH)18
Jarosite 2B,(K.74Na.02(H3O).24)3Fe9(SO4)6(OH)18
Jarosite 2V,(K.74Na.02(H3O).24)3Fe9(SO4)6(OH)18
Jarosite 3B,(K.74Na.01(H3O).25)3Fe9(SO4)6(OH)18
Jarosite 3V,(K.74Na.01(H3O).25)3Fe9(SO4)6(OH)18
Jarosite 5B,(K.70Na.01(H3O).29)3Fe9(SO4)6(OH)18
Jarosite 5V,(K.70Na.01(H3O).29)3Fe9(SO4)6(OH)18
Jarosite 6B,(K.67Na.01(H3O).32)3Fe9(SO4)6(OH)18
Jarosite 6V,(K.67Na.01(H3O).32)3Fe9(SO4)6(OH)18
Jarosite 7B,(K.60Na.07(H3O).34)3Fe9(SO4)6(OH)18
Jarosite 7V,(K.67Na.01(H3O).32)3Fe9(SO4)6(OH)18
Jarosite 8B,(K.57Na.10(H3O).33)3Fe9(SO4)6(OH)18
Jarosite 8V,(K.67Na.01(H3O).32)3Fe9(SO4)6(OH)18
Jarosite 9B,(K.56Na.02(H3O).42)3Fe9(SO4)6(OH)18
Jarosite 9V,(K.56Na.02(H3O).42)3Fe9(SO4)6(OH)18
Jarosite Basciano B
Jarosite Basciano C
Jarosite Basciano D
Jarosite Basciano E
Jarosite Basciano F
Jarosite Basciano G
Jarosite Basciano H
Jarosite Basciano I
Jarosite Basciano K
Jarosite Basciano M
Jarosite Basciano O
Jarosite Basciano Q
Jarosite Basciano R
Jarosite Basciano S
Jarosite Basciano T
Jarosite Basciano U
Jarosite CC3 (K0.3Na0.45(H3O)0.97)(Fe2.61Al0)
Jarosite SPT113
Jarosite SPT115
Jarosite SPT116
Jarosite T1 (K1Na0(H3O)0)(Fe3Al0)
Jarosite T11 (K1Na0(H3O)0)(Fe2Al1)
Jarosite T12 (K0Na1(H3O)0)(Fe2.5Al0.5)
Jarosite T16 (K0.5Na0(H3O)0.5)(Fe3Al0)
Jarosite T2 (K1Na0(H3O)0)(Fe1.5Al1.5)
Jarosite T3 (K0Na1(H3O)0)(Fe3Al0)
Jarosite T4 (K1Na0(H3O)0)(Fe2.25Al0.75)
Jarosite T7 (K0Na1(H3O)0)(Fe2.25Al0.75)
Jarosite T9 (K1Na0(H3O)0)(Fe2.5Al0.5)
Jarosite UCD18 (K0.86Na0(H3O)0.14)(Fe2.69Al0)
Jarosite UCD34 (K0.47Na0.25(H3O)0.53)(Fe2.64Al0)
Jarosite UCD43 (K0.43Na0.29(H3O)0.57)(Fe2.66Al0)
Jarosite UCD47 (K0.64Na0(H3O)0.36)(Fe2.82Al0)
Jarosite UCD51 (K0.62Na0.12(H3O)0.38)(Fe2.72Al0)
Jarosite, Brophy
Jarosite, Hyde
Jarosite, Na Basciano A
Jarosite, Tosca 1 (K0.5Na0.5)(Fe3Al0)
Jarosite, Tosca 13 (K0.5(H3O)0.5)(Fe1.5Al1.5)
Jarosite, Tosca 14 (Na0.5K0.5)(Fe1.5Al1.5)
Jarosite, Tosca 3, mixed comp #1
Jarosite, Tosca 4, mixed comp #2
Jarosite, Tosca 6 (Na0.5(H3O)0.5)(Fe1.5Al1.5)
Jarosite, Tosca 8 (K0.75, Na0.25)(Fe1.5Al1.5)
Jarosite Orange, Synthetic, Liane Loiselle - UWO
Jarosite White, Synthetic, Liane Loiselle - UWO
Jarosite Blue, Synthetic, Liane Loiselle - UWO
Jarosite Pink, Synthetic, Liane Loiselle - UWO
Jarosite SOLN, Synthetic, Liane Loiselle - UWO
Jarosite RT5MTHS, Natural, Liane Loiselle - UWO
Jarosite RT DRY, Natural, Liane Loiselle - UWO
Jarosite RT 7WKS, Natural, Liane Loiselle - UWO
Natroalunite NaJ 2-1(K0Na0.82(H3O)0.18)(Fe0.83Al1.85)
Natroalunite NaJ 2-3 (K0Na0.60(H3O)0.40)(Fe0.34Al1.7)
Natroalunite NaJ 4-1(K0Na0.34(H3O)0.66)(Fe1.38Al1.35)
Natrojarosite AJ 3-1(K0Na0.34(H3O)0.66)(Fe2.38Al0)
Natrojarosite AJ 5-3 (K0Na0.40(H3O)0.60)(Fe2.614Al0)
Natrojarosite AJ 5-4 (K0Na0.26(H3O)0.74)(Fe2.48Al0)
Natrojarosite NaJ 10-1(K0Na0.87(H3O)0.13)(Fe2.94Al0.1)
Natrojarosite NaJ 5-2 (K0Na0.53(H3O)0.47)(Fe1.78Al1.03).
Natrojarosite NaJ 6-1(K0Na0.74(H3O)0.26)(Fe2.35Al0.54)
Natrojarosite NaJ 7-1(K0Na0.95(H3O)0.05)(Fe2.64Al0.29)
Natrojarosite NaJ 7-2 (K0Na0.84(H3O)0.16)(Fe2.62Al0.3)
Natrojarosite NaJ 8-2 (K0Na0.86(H3O)0.14)(Fe2.64Al0.29)
Natrojarosite NaJ 8-3 (K0Na0.87(H3O)0.13)(Fe2.68Al0.25)
Natrojarosite SPT114
Natrojarosite UCD28 (K0Na0.82(H3O)0.01)(Fe2.91Al0)
Natrojarosite UCD4 (K0Na0.7(H3O)0.3)(FeFe2.44Al0.2)
Natrojarosite UCD5 (K0Na0.69(H3O)0.31)(Fe2.60Al0.07)
Natrojarosite UCD6 (K0Na0.68(H3O)031)(FeFe2.66Al0.07)
Natrojarosite, Tosca 2 (K0Na1)(Fe1.5Al1.5)
Plumbojarosite, Brophy

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