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Amphibole Mineral Group

Amphibole group minerals are stable over a wide range of pressures and temperatures. On Earth, they occur in both igneous and metamorphic rocks. They may be present on other planetary surfaces where water (or hydrogen) is present when they are crystallizing. Amphiboles have been reported in martian meteorites.

The photo to the left is representative of this mineral group; however, it is not the same sample on which spectra listed below were measured.

Amphible, ON-D
Amphibole 1A
Amphibole 1B
Amphibole 2
Amphibole 3
Amphibole 4
Amphibole, 05.29H
Amphibole, 05.32H
Amphibole, 91.45H
Amphibole, 93.45H
Amphibole, 93.72H
Amphibole 5b Cloutis Penny King
Amphibole CM1B Penny King
Amphibole Gunter D
Amphibole Gunter E
Amphibole Gunter F
Amphibole Gunter Fibers, Harvard mine 1, Harvard 1.
Amphibole Gunter G
Amphibole Gunter H
Amphibole Gunter I
Amphibole Harvard 3, gunter
Amphibole IIB.
Amphibole JHR18A
Amphibole JHR18B
Amphibole JHR19A
Amphibole JHR19B
Amphibole JHR23A
Amphibole JHR23B
Amphibole Libby 105991, Gunter
Amphibole Libby boulder, Gunter
Amphibole Libby Float B, Gunter
Amphibole Libby Polly, Gunter
Amphibole Lupulescu N-8
Amphibole Lupulescu ON-D
Amphibole Lupulescu W-2
Amphibole NCM15A
Amphibole NY35HA
Amphibole P-2A
Amphibole PM 1B Penny King
Amphibole PMB-10
Amphibole Potassichastingsite
Amphibole USGS 10
Amphibole USGS 16
Amphibole USGS 20
Amphibole USGS 25
Amphibole, "Little Gibraltar" PBM-8
Amphibole, D-1A
Amphibole, D-1A
Amphibole, H-A
Amphibole, H-A
Amphibole, L-40
Amphibole, Libby 2
Amphibole, MO-1A, O'Neill Iron Mine, Monroe, NY
Amphibole, MO-1B, O'Neill Iron Mine, Monroe, NY
Amphibole, MO-2A, Clove Iron Mine, Monroe, NY
Amphibole, MO-2B, Clove Iron Mine, Monroe, NY
Amphibole, MO-3A, Forshee Iron Mine, Monroe, NY
Amphibole, MO-3B, Forshee Iron Mine, Monroe, NY
Amphibole, MO-4, Bradley Mine, Monroe, NY
Amphibole, MO-5, Greenwood Mine, Monroe, NY
Amphibole, MO-6A
Amphibole, N-8
Amphibole, P-4
Amphibole, P-4
Amphibole, PMBR-1A
Amphibole, PMBR-1B
Amphibole, RB-N
Amphibole, RB-N
Amphibole, SH-2, Sterling Hill, NJ
Amphibole, SH-3, Sterling Hill, NJ
Amphibole, W-2
Amphibole, WA-1, BLM-90, Warner Co., NJ
Amphibole, WA-2, BLR-348, Warner Co., NJ
Amphibole, WA-3, S7-31, Werner Co., NJ
Amphibole, yellow, PBM-7
Amphibole. 93728.
Amphibole. LAP 04840,16
Edenite PBM1-A
Edenite PBM3
Glaucophane, Juan Carlos Corona
Glaucophane, Juan Carlos Corona, Greece
Glaucophane, Juan Carlos Corona, Guatemala
Grunerite 100K
Grunerite 120K
Grunerite 140K
Grunerite 16K
Grunerite 180K
Grunerite 260K
Grunerite 260K
Grunerite 293K
Grunerite 30K
Grunerite 40K
Grunerite 50K
Grunerite 60K
Grunerite 80K
Grunerite, EWGRUN
Grunerite, FGR120
Grunerite, FGRU60
Grunerite, HGRU07
Grunerite, HWGRUN
Grunerite, Klein
Hastingsite, HAST-5-0-2C 0%
Hastingsite, HAST-5-20 20%
Hastingsite, HAST-5-40-2B 40%
Hastingsite, HAST-5-60-2 60%
Hastingsite, HAST-5-70 70%
Hastingsite, HAST-5-80 80%
Hastingsite, HAST-5-100-2 100%
Hornblende 92RCAMPH
Hornblende Ba-2-1 A-1
Hornblende Ba-2-1 A-2
Hornblende Ba-2-1 A-3
Hornblende Ba-2-1 D-1
Hornblende Ba-2-1 Selvage
Hornblende Ba-2-100 Vein
Hornblende V2B12H
Hornblende V2B21H
Hornblende V2B377
Hornblende V2B471
Hornblende V2B48H
Hornblende V2B548
Hornblende V2B5EH
Hornblende, 01090301
Hornblende, 01090401
Hornblende, AS131G
Hornblende. 10-86.
Hornblende. 14-86.
Hornblende. 20B-85.
Hornblende. 20B-86.
Hornblende. 24-85.
Hornblende. 28A-86.
Hornblende. 32-86.
Hornblende. 39A-86.
Hornblende. FA86-1.
Hornblende. HL86-11.
Hornblende. HL86-2C.
Hornblende. MIN86-4.
Hornblende. MR865A.
Hornblende. SSA-10.
Hornblende. SSA-13.
Hornblende. SSA-5.
Hornblende #H274 AK-M5
Hornblende 86-BM
Hornblende 86-LEH
Hornblende AK-M2 H271
Hornblende AK-M4 H271
Hornblende Ba-5
Hornblende DH-101-B
Hornblende DH-101-C
Hornblende DH-101-D
Hornblende DH-101-E
Hornblende DL-5
Hornblende DL-7
Hornblende DL-9
Hornblende FR-12
Hornblende H271
Hornblende H366-92
Hornblende H366-A-A
Hornblende H366-A-B
Hornblende Tm
Hornblende USNM# 109647/50
Hornblende USNM# 114856.0006
Hornblende X
Hornblende Z
Jenkins, AMPH6C
Jenkins, AMPH6D
Jenkins, FEPG1-6
Jenkins, FEPG3-5
Jenkins, HAST-3-3
Jenkins, HAST-3-7
Jenkins, HAST-6-1
Jenkins, HAST-9-2
Kaersutite 84-BR (unshocked), Dreiser Weiher, Germany
Kaersutite 84-BR Shocked
Kaersutite AK-M2
Kaersutite AK-M3 Shocked
Kaersutite AK-M3 Shocked
Kaersutite Ba-5
Kaersutite DL-7
Kaersutite Fa-86-1
Kaersutite FR-11 Massif Central (unshocked)
Kaersutite FR-11 Shocked
Kaersutite FR-11, shocked, washed
Kaersutite Fr-12
Kaersutite Gore Mountain (unshocked)
Kaersutite Gore Mountain Shocked
Kaersutite Kakanui
Kaersutite King Hb CL-5
Kaersutite King Hb CM-1
Kaersutite King Hb HP-2B
Kaersutite King Hb PM-1
Kaersutite King Soda Springs #1
Kaersutite King Soda Springs #2
Kaersutite King Soda Springs #3
Kaersutite King Soda Springs #4
Kaersutite Lost Creek #3
Kaersutite Lost Creek #6
Kaersutite San Carlos #1
Kaersutite San Carlos #3
Kaersutite Tm
Kaersutite, Harrat al Kishb, AK-m3 (unshocked)
K-Hastingsite, 05021501
Libby amphibole 105991
Libby amphibole, Boulder 6/2/06
Petedunnite, SH-1, Sterling Hill, NJ
Richterite Gem Park, CO.
Richterite. Lake Albion, CO.
Tremolite Gunter B
Tremolite Gunter C.
Tremolite. Gunter A
Winchite. Libby 2
Winchite. Libby1A.

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